50% travel writer and content producer
50% yoga teacher

Born in Italy (Born in a Boot.. got the pun now?) I always loved exploring new places, stay active and being closed to nature.

I’m currently travelling full time, working remotely in digital production and teaching yoga.

I write about my passions for travels and yoga, with a special focus to topics I am closed to as LGBT, environment protection and vegetarianism

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Hic Sunt Dracones or Here Be Dragons is a sentence used during the medieval times on maps to indicate unexplored and inhabited lands where might live dragons and legendary creatures.

This feeling of discovery and the sense of adventure to explore new places is what pushed me to create this blog.

These below are some of my favourite travel stories.



From 2 to 14 days guides to various cities that I visited. Learn from my mistake and let me help you to get the best of your trip.

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I am currently lucky enough to be travelling full time. How did it start? How can I afford it? What job do I do?

These and more questions can be found in the articles below :)

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