About Me

Hi, my name is Andrea Visone and I am the author of the blog Born in a Boot. I was born in Naples in the south of Italy - that country that you can easily find on a world map for its boot-like shape, from which the name of this blog. I created this blog to share info and stories about my biggest passions, travels and yoga.

I had my first solo trip when I was 18, when I flied to Egypt to work as BMJ animator. Since there I started travelling as much as my pockets would allow me, sometimes also travelling for work, as I have done in Rodos, Greece, where I spent 2 months with my partner Gianni for our first travel holiday together. After uni I decided to start working in digital communication. I started my career in Milan. Then I moved to London, where I lived and worked for 5 amazing years. I then moved to work in the same area in Tenerife in Canary Islands to enjoy life closer to the ocean.

I am now travelling full time, working in digital marketing remotely and teaching yoga in every place I go.

LGBT Travels

I also blog about the LGBT side of travels.I don’t like to close myself into a community but in some countries where being gay is illegal I can’t travel taking this in account. Luckily all around the world there are  open minded people that despite the laws and the mentality of the majority are open and accepting This is somehow what I am trying to explore and share.


Lover of Green and Blue

I don’t think there is a way to categorise myself and my blog (and don’t need one) but I realised that my passions are somehow related, these all are inclined to get closer to nature and to the inner peace. I started my blog to share my travels and passions with mind-liked people.