3 Days in Lanzarote

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my sister’s island

Few years ago, I've visited the black volcanic island of Lanzarote for 3 days. This trip was organised at the very last minute, and for the first time ever, I took a flight without any organisation or prior research as I went there mainly to meet with my sister.

Once there I have been very intrigued by the geology of the island. Everything was covered by black sand and sometimes by desertic rocks and no much else. It reminded a bit of a lunar landscape.

How did I spend 3 days in Lanzarote?

Day 1

Playa Blanca

On day 1 we have spent the day in Playa Blanca, where my sister lives.

This small town in the south of the island is one of the main tourist spots where most of the hotels and places to eat are. We enjoyed the beach close to her house and had a strawberry mojito (they tend to be very generous with alcohol, for many this might be a plus).  

The water was cold, if you are used to the Mediterranean Sea, be prepared for temperatures way lower.

Score for Playa Blanca: 7

Day 2

Playa Papagayo

On the second day we visited PlayaPapagayo. This is a natural reserve that is home of few secluded beaches. The first ones (closer to the only bar in the natural reserve) tend to be more crowded while the far you get the more isolation you can find.

On the most secluded ones, nudism is also widely practiced. In order to enter the natural park, you have to pay a small fee and after a 10 minutes ride you can reach the coast.

I have never seen people reaching this destination by feet, so this might not be possible. As my sister was a resident the access for us was free!!

Score for Papagayo beach: 8

Day 3

Playa Famara

For my third and last day we went on a car trip to explore the north side of the island, driving through the volcanic area of the Timanfaya to reach Playa Famara, one of the most amazing beach I've ever seen.

Here I surfed for my very first time and fell in love ever since with it!!  

Score for Famara Beach: 10

See you soon Lanzar.... hem sister!!