7 Beaches in Jamaica to be added to your list

Beaches in Jamaica - West Coast

It's known fact that Jamaica is home to some of the best and breathtaking coastline landscapes in the Caribbean. I have compiled a quick list with the 7 most amazing beaches that I visited during my last trip to Jamaica. You'll also find handy pinned locations in case you feel like reaching these too and add them to your planner.

1) Seven Miles Beach

One of the longest beaches I have ever walked on. It’s offering all kind of scenarios from luxury all-inclusive resorts to clubs playing reggaetón music all day long. It’s an amazing location to explore during the day and it provides amazing nightlife choices for the evening.

2) Cosmos Beach

This beach sits opposite a natural park and is one of the best snorkelling spots on the island. Please don’t touch the sea stars and especially never pull them above the sea surface – many people are not aware but even a few seconds above the surface can kill these creatures!

3) Bloody Bay

Golden sand beach with green palms on one side and mangroves and a fish sanctuary on the other one.

4) Booby Cay Island

This small island is just a boat ride away from the coast and it’s famous for the amazing underwater scenery.

5) Half Moon Beach

This beach shaped as a half-moon is the perfect spot to relax in the shade –also one of the best restaurants I tried while there is in this bay.

6) Doctor's Cave Beach

This beach based in Montego Bay is not as wild as the other ones but it has the clearest and most turquoise water of them all.

7) Rick's Cafe'

Not an actual beach but a cafe on the rocks where you can enjoy amazing cocktails while admiring incredible professional divers jumping from platforms as tall as 10 meters. Deneb