Anaga: Enchanted Forest

Tenerife's biggest forest

The green and cold side of Canary Islands

Tenerife has so much more to offer than beaches and Anaga is the perfect example. This forest is in the extreme north of the island and you will feel like leaving Tenerife to enter into a new world where time has stopped.

Tenerife is not a huge island, so even from the deep south you can reach this place in one-hour driving. Follow directions until Santa Cruz and then direction for Anaga will start popping up. It’s very easy to arrive, I would suggest to proceed until the Enchanted Forest and start your hike there. Just remember to wear appropriate clothes as - even in summer - it might be very cold and you might need more than your swimsuit and a t-shirt.

One of the most beautiful areas is the Enchanted Forest (or Bosque Encantado in Spanish) but to access this area you will need to apply for a permit; if you are planning to visit during the week-end you will have to do this months in advance as the access is limited and blocked once booked out.

You can still visit some limited areas of Anaga without a permit, but be careful as if you cross the area by mistake and meet a forest guard you risk getting a fine. You can apply for a permit here.

When I visited this part of the island I just walked around with no specific destination in mind, but you can try to follow some paths.

This site is giving away very nice suggestions (just in Spanish). Anaga has some amazing paths that end up in beaches, some of which I am going to try asap and then share my experience here on the blog, hopefully very soon!