Blessed by a Monk – My story

In this blog postI listed all the options I considered to get a Sak Yant in Thailand. At the end my choice has been to get mine with Ajarn Nen, and  I am absolutely happy with this decision. Few tips below for anyone thinking to go through my same experience.

Getting There

You can easily get to Ajarn Neng studio by cab. I can’t remember the price but cabs in Bangkok are not expensive at all. You might have to stop few taxi drivers before finding one happy to take you on board if you want them to use the meter. In Thailand many taxi drivers try not o this by giving you a fixed price charging you way more than they should. I had luck around my 5th request to use the meter.

Ajarn Neng's studio

Do not expect a temple as in Wat Bang Phra, Ajarn Neng performs his art in a small house in the suburbs of Bangkok. The place is not the cleanest place I have been to but the tattooing tools seemed to be kept in a safe and clean area.

The Sak Yant Experience

At my arrival around ten or twelve Thai people were already in a queue. I tought that I was going to wait quite a lot but they let foreign people go first. Everyone have been very kind, they gave me the best seating place in the room, they kept smiling also helping me taking pictures.

The entire experience is magical.  

You have to go the traditional purification ritual first, burning some incense while praying with them. They will ask you to pray with them by repeating their chants as best as you can. Once completed the ritual you can talk to Neng’s assistant to explain which tattoo you want among the traditional ones. You can’t do any alterations to the design and you can’t choose the size neither Once you start, two of Ajarn neng's assistant will be at your side to lock your arms and back to avoid you from moving.  I felt like I bit like a criminal in a straitjacket :) but just went for it.

Before my Sak Yant I already had some traditional tattoos in Europe but the Sak Yant has been the most painful ever. My back was burnt as I tanned too much, so I should probably blame myself for it. On a positive note, the healing process is much faster than a normal tattoo, it didn’t bleed much and the day after the pain was completely gone!

Ajarn Neng has a very powerful energy. He does the Sak Yant from the top of a small altar sitting in the lotus pose throughout the process. Ajarn Nen is really respected by Thai people. Everyone has to bow in front of him when entering the room. It’s hard to describe, but he really has a strong aura. I’ll leave the rest to the pictures, but please do let me know if you have any questions.