Christiania - Hippie Paradise

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These are the three main rules of Christiania, also known as Freetown. If you wonder why you should keep reading this. Many people refer to Christiana as a hippie paradise, so if you are fascinated or interested by this culture or even if in the wider term, you love the self-expression of art, music, sex and free thinking you should definitely add this to your list of places to see. Christiana is a self-governed area in the heart of of Copenhagen, but still it’s separated throughout walls all around. You can freely enter through one of the gates, just be ready to respect their rules and customs once there. On one of the entrances someone wrote “Beware here be Dragons” -  or in latin ‘Hic Svnt Dracones’. This phrase was used by ancient Roman cartographers to denote unknown territories on maps. That’s a perfect metaphor for the Freetown – in the middle of Copenhagen but at the same time almost in a parallel world. When I entered Christiana I suddenly got the vibes of a coastline town in south-east Asia, and while proceeding I noticed a restaurant on my left start playing classic piano music that bought me to Paris. This is a place where music and art meet to create something unique and where freethinkers are ruling. The freetown is the incredible result of hippie and anarchic movements that took place the end of the 1960. If you really interested about the history of Christiania, my suggestion is to visit the NemoLand website. NemoLand is a landmark of Christiania, a coffee shop very active in the organisation of events and concerts.  They are best placed to give historic information about this incredible neighbourhood. All the glitters is not gold, Christiana is still facing many fights to keep its independency. In addition to music and art in Christiana everyone can also enjoy freedom in the trade of soft drugs as cannabis and marijuana. Police riots are not common but might still happen, that’s why they ask everyone not to take pictures or not to run. If you start running, you might create more chaos than you might realise, starting an unpleasant butterfly effect. When I was there the atmosphere was extremely relaxed. Gianni and I had a chat with a Swedish guy that used to go there from Malmo quite often and he only saw one police riot. Just beware that if you stay there, you are entering into wild waters, but this would not stop me from going back. If you are the kind of person that appreciate hippie culture mixed with hipster trends that divert in multiple sub-cultures,  I would definitely suggest to visit Christiana, you will feel like in a cove of Neverland or in the perfect setting of a Lewis Carrol romance with a touch of Breaking Bad. Deneb