How can I afford to travel so much?

Travelling doesn’t equal expensive

Every time I am planning a new trip and need information and tips, I usually start by reading travel blogs and forums. As I already mentioned in my week-end guide to London, there is something I can’t stand about travel forums. Especially on Tripadvisor I keep bumping in the same kind of user, that always post to destroy other people’s travel plans. I can’t even recall how many times I read sentences like:

“you don’t have enough days”

or “you won’t be able to see much of the city” \

or even “it’s such a rushed plan you won’t enjoy it, you should go there for a month”.

It doesn’t matter the destination, the goal or the number of days estimated for a specific journey, these people will always comment that the days estimated are not enough, or they will list all the sites and/or attractions that will be missed out.

Not everyone can spend several weeks off in a row or have a big budget to assign to your own holiday. So why don’t help people to maximise their time instead of criticising short trips for being too touristic? I always recommend and encourage people to visit new places and new countries even if it’s just for a short period of time.

Few days are better than no days

Travelling is still going to help to open your mind and to get in touch with new cultures and understand these better. Just having conversation with people that have grown up in a different way from yours and have different values and mindset will expand your view on life a lot. If you only have 1 day to visit Paris, go for it.

You might not be able to see the Louvre, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees and Notre Dame but you never know when the next occasion might arise, so if you have the chance to visit a new place for a few days just go for it.


Travelling on a budget

“How can you travel so much?”

I often got this question asked to me by both colleagues that were earning a similar income or online on social media. First of all, I think it looks like I travel more than I actually do as on my Instagram I tend to post more often if I´m travelling or on holiday and usually post some more pictures when I’m back.

Going back to the question, how I can travel ´so much´; I am very good at looking at flight combinations. Usually I check both on Skyscanner and Google Flights as not all the airlines companies are listed on both sites. I found a return flight to Korea for 300 euros from Spain and a return flight from UK to Jamaica for the same price (with a devastating 10 hours night bus ride from London to Manchester but paid only 8 pounds).

Travelling on a tight budget - we have all been there

Also, when I have a tighter budget I travel just to visit a new destination, giving up on any expensive meals or attractions. For example, I visited Stockholm during a bank holiday but as my budget was very tight I mainly visited the city centre, wandering around, doing window shopping and trying local food.

Instead of spending a week-end in London, I flew to Sweden for less than 20 pounds and spent a few days in a completely different way from usual. Instead of an evening out at a restaurant or drinking out with friends you could live an amazing different experience, spending few days in a different country, even if you just walk around the city centre and have some relaxing time at a local bar.

Sitting down at a local coffee shops and spend your time to draw or write or use your creative side is a great way to spend time in a foreign city without affecting your budget.


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Tourist Vs Traveler

Overall, there is a difference between being a tourist and being a traveler. If you want comfort and you want to put a check on all the “must-see” attractions and places of a specific country, you should visit as a tourist.

While as a traveler you are visiting a new place to live new experiences and enrich yourself with a journey that doesn’t necessarily include a visit to “must do” attractions but shows what the locals do and how they live their cities the fullest.  Sometimes even a few days in a remote countryside town could be more inspiring than a 2 weeks journey in a big city visiting all the main tourist spots. Thanks :)