How to claim money for flights delayed or cancelled

An easy way to submit a claim

Flight delayed or cancelled?
the silver lining is that you might a compensation for it

I have already wrote an article about my recent change in lifestyle moving to a nomadic lifestyle.

I also wrote about travel inconveniences that seem to happen to me a lot – but at the same time it’s to be expected. The more you travel the more chances you have that plans might crash.

It also happened to me to have one of my flights cancelled. Luckily it was not a connecting flight and I was working remotely so it didn’t really caused me an issue but I tried anyway to claim for a compensation.

 I went through the process with Compensair – a company that I heard of on Instagram. Long story short I managed to get my money back with them and I asked them for an affiliate link so that I could write this article by adding a link for my readers. That basically means that I could get a commission if you use the service but at no extra cost for you. Then feel free not to use them, I just want to share few tips on this blog

Find out if you are eligible for flight compensation

Using information  from Compensair, in accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004 a passenger is entitled to 250-600 euros of compensation in case of:

  • Flight delay more than 3 hours

  • Flight cancellation

  • Denied boarding due to overbooking

  • Missed connection due to a delay of the first segment (you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours later than planned)

The only requirement is that your disrupted flight needed to have happened up to six years back (depending on country of departure)

  • within the EU (on any airline)

  • leaving the EU (on any airline)

  • or arriving into EU (on EU airline)


How much exactly should you get for disrupted flight?

The amount of compensation you’re entitled to depends on a several factors, but overall it goes from 100 to 600 euros.

 You can claim the money back by providing all the document and evidence to the airline. The down side is that you might require follow-up by call and might have to wait few months for a reply.

Since I basically never have credit on my phone, especially for oversea calls I relied on Compensair. The service is free and if you manage to get the compensation back, they keep 25% of the fee (basically to handle the hassle) but just and only if you success in the claim.

 If your claim is a success please leave a comment here so that other readers will benefit of this information as well!

Of course I did my research to check if Compensair was a genuine company before submitting my claim, so feel free to do the same.

And in the words of miss Vanje ‘get those cookies, get those cookies’.