Masca Hike

After one year and a half spent in Tenerife, Masca path is still my favourite hiking place. Getting to Masca means taking a break from the busy streets of the south of the island and get immersed into nature. Just getting there is magical, dry and volcanic landscapes make space for green the more you get close. Masca is a typical canarian village located up in the mountains, in a valley surrounded by green trees all year around. This is the starting point of the hike. Here is my suggested way to reach Masca. This will allow to visit Los Gigantes, enjoy a bit of beach time and have a nice ride back by boat.

Drive to Los Gigantes and park your car there

⚓ At the harbor there is a parking lot but it’s not free and it gets full very easily, especially during the week-end. ⚓ There are many free parking spaces at walking distance from the harbor that you can use. The earlier you go the more chances you’ll have to find one close enough

From Los Gigantes take a taxi up to Masca

The taxi costs approx. 15 / 20 euros and the journey lasts around 30 minutes. If you walk towards the entrance of Los Gigantes, you will have even more chances to find a taxi. Enjoy the ride and the scary turns that the taxi drivers will take. The road is tiny and you will have the cliff at your side. ⚓  You should be able to find a tax just by walking up the street (as I have always done) but if needed the number to call is 922747511. If you don’t speak Spanish, just say the word Masca, and they will locate you though GPS – quick and easy. Taxi drivers that operate in that area are used to tourists and the hike is a popular attraction. ⚓  On the taxi itself you can also start purchasing the boat that will take you back to Los Gigantes after the hike. If you forget you can still buy this at the restaurant once arrived at the village.

Masca - Hike - Boat

Once arrived in Masca you can spend some time in one of the restaurants. The village is tiny and you can walk it all in 5/10 minutes. When you walk down the village once entered, there is a fairly big restaurant that sells souvenirs at your left – this is the one I usually go for as it has incredible views over the mountain and the cliffs. ⚓  As mentioned above, even there you can buy a boat ticket that will take you from the beach of Masca to the harbor of Los Gigantes. The last boat is at 17:30 and the ticket costs between 10 and.12 euros. It’s better to purchase the ticket before the hike as the taxi driver or the restaurant will call the boat service to let them know about the purchase, so they will have a notice that you are getting there and wait for you. ⚓ Most of the hike will take place in a path in between two mountains – it will last 2/3.5 hours depending on your pace and how excited you get with taking pictures or to chill near one of the rivers or the cliffs. You will cross bridges, a small bamboo forest and loads of breathtaking places that will make you wish to camp there for the night. You might even cross your path with a wild goat – never had problems, just be respectful, let them be and they will ignore you as well. ⚓ At the end of the hike you reach a secluded beach where there is only a kiosk selling drinks and boat tickets and a small pier for the boat service. Jumping in the ocean after the sweaty hours just spent, especially if you are going during summer time, is one of the best feelings ever


The above is – in my opinion – the best cost and time effective option to hike Masca – however, there are multiple ways – a few below: ⚓ You can drive to Masca without taking a cab, but driving up there it’s not the easiest since the road is very narrow, loads of turns and a gorge always at your side. Also, once you get down, you will need to climb up to get back to your car. ⚓ You can also challenge yourself by starting by taking the boat first at the Los Gigante harbor to Masca beach and hike up to the village. Still, ending the hike with a swim in the ocean is one of the things I like the most of this – so not one for me. I’m going to share with you some of the pictures I took, hoping to get you even more excited to go there! Enjoy them! Deneb

Masca Beach