My 200 hours Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh

How to choose the right school

For many yogi there is a moment in their life when they decide to move their yoga passion to the next level and try to make a living out of it.

This moment is usually followed by doubts and hesitations. The hearth might be ready but the brain is whispering that the career path of a yoga teacher is not doable that is not the right time, or it’s not the right choice, there is too much competition and not enough money.

When you are finally set for it. When there is the right occasion or you just have the right mindset to give it a try then you will start facing the next challenge: find the right yoga teacher training course where to study at.

It is an investment of time, money and emotions so it’s normal to put some efforts to research schools properly.

If you ended up on this post, you might just be in the process of looking for the right school for you. You might end at the same school as mine for your TTC or maybe you will look at the street view and you’ll feel attracted to the school close by.

Do your research but also trust your guts, no school is perfect but it’s an important step, before you move into the word of teaching.

I studied for my 200 hours TTC in Rishikesh at Yoganandham.

Why Rishikesh for your 200 hours yoga teacher training course?

Rishikesh is a holy city, meat or alcohol are nowhere to be found but more importantly is renown worldwide for being the capital of yoga.

I heard some people define it as the Disneyland of yoga, as the number of yoga centres is always on the rise and the commerce is all based around it but I won’t really go that far as when experienced with the right mindset, Rishikesh has nothing in common with a playground.

It’s a school and for many it will be represent a transforming period in their lives. You will also learn not to look outside and focus on yourself and your own experience.

Why Yoganadham?

I chose Yoganandham as the price for the TTC was among the most convenient ones. I was also looking for a typical Ashram experience, no fancy accommodation or food. At last, the courses are limited to 10 students, that means that the teacher can focus on you every single class.

I did have some classes more crowded. Sometimes other students can join for drop in classes so we ended up being even more than 20 people, but overall we started as a group of 6 students and most of the time, each of us had enough focus and attention.

Was I happy with my experience? Overall, definitely yes. The focus on asanas and philosophy was great. The school could probably benefit by giving more attention to the needs of their students and improve in the exams area, as most of us felt like there was lack of interest of attention from the teachers there.

Looking back, those were problems of luxury and as part a yoga journey you should also learn to stop worrying about small details that were not in line with your expectations. Yoga teachers us to have no expectation and to appreciate life as it comes.


If not Rishikesh, where? Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, with Ashiyana

I studied for my 300 hours yoga teacher training course in Goa, as I wanted to experience another area of India and possibly enjoy the sea during the days off. I studied with Kashish Yoga, a school in Palolem that I won’t recommend – the experience overall was not impressive, and I felt like it was a step back compared to the 200 hours course.

On the other hand, recently I collaborated with another school in the north of Goa, which is called Ashiyana, which I could definitely recommend.

The setting and the experience is very far from the one of an ashram in Rishikesh. Here the accommodations are comfortable, amazing to look at and the food is incredible.

There is more focus on the concept of inclusion and family and you have amazing beaches where you can go and relax after classes.

Would I study here? Definitely. I personally feel that if you have the chance you should try both experiences – both the ashram and the sanctuary by the beach and use this experience to understand what kind of person, yogi and teacher you want to become.

Happy journey J