Renting a car in Italy with a debit card – My experience + Crossing the board to Slovenia

Renting a car in Italy without a credit card can be quite a challenge. I personally don’t own a credit card but, in the past, I managed to rent a car with my debit card both in Spain and Iceland. In Italy, this process has been way more complicated and after a lot of research online I thought that I had find a solution with Europcar the only company I found to allowed me to book a car using a debit card, instead of a credit card (but as you will read below I was kind of wrong). So, I reserved a car with them for four days for the price of 235 euros.

Sorry you need a credit card

Once I arrived at the pick-up point at the Venice airport, me and my friends were asked to pay for a deposit on the car. I only had on me the card I had used for the reservation, which was a Visa debit card from the Spanish bank Santander. Here the complications started, as the card I used for the reservation was not accepted and I was asked to pay with a credit card. I panicked a bit since I had no credit card, was about to lose money of the reservation and also, we would have struggled to rent any other cars at the airport.

British Lloyd’s debit card saved my life

The card I used for the reservation was a Visa debit card from the Spanish bank Santander. Before giving up completely, I tried to pay with my old UK Visa debit card (from the bank Lloyds). For some reason this card was accepted. Even the guys at Europcar had no idea why the British debit card worked while the Spanish one didn’t. So, in the end, I managed to rent the car with my friends using my British debit card but if I was in your shoes I would avoid booking a car with Europcar using a debit card as they mentioned that only credit cards are normally accepted. If anyone has any solutions to rent a car in Italy with a debit card feel free to give me a shout and I might be in need as well, next time.

Extra Tip: Crossing the border between Italy and Slovenia

Getting a stamp to cross the border with a rented car, on the hard, is a very easy process, so no need to stress here. You can easily purchase a stamp at one of the gas stations between Italy and Slovenia. There is no way for you not to see at least one gas station and one if quite close to the border.  At least, this was an easy one! Andrea VI