Sailing Experience in Tenerife


⚓ Tenerife for Ocean Lovers

Tenerife could be lived and experienced in many different ways. Party lovers, surfers, climbers, they can all find their own dimension. As a nature lover I tend to avoid crowded beaches and night clubs in favour of hiking, secluded beaches and ocean life. Once of the experiences I would highly recommend to everyone but nature lovers in particular is to spend a day sailing looking for dolphins and whales. I have done this experience more than once but it always feels magical. The less crowded is the boat the better it is for me as it makes you more chances to enjoy the silence to hear the whales breathing and to connect with the ocean. Sailing is definitely the best option for me to go around as you only rely on the wind (that is never missing in Tenerife), less noise helps you get closer to whales and dolphins and to me it just has a different charm.

⚓ Soul Sailor

My suggestion if you are planning a sailing trip yourself in Tenerife is to go through Alejandro Colmenares. Compared to other excursion companies in Tenerife that charge you for hours and have a pre-set tour (dolphins, coast, lunch, back home), it does allow you to do whatever you want. You can spend the entire day as you prefer. If you wish to chase whales all day, you can do that. If you want to go around the island looking for the most isolated bay, you can do that too. You are basically renting the boat for yourself with the freedom to do whatever you want, that is a concept that really works for me. Alejandro is a Venezuelan guy, that moved to Tenerife to become a skipper and left his previous job to find a deeper connection with the ocean. He and his lifestyle are captivating and inspiring, at the end of you’ll feel the boat a bit like you have been in a different world and you are landing back on Earth.

⚓ Sailing goes well with savings

If you want to get the nitty gritty, feel free to get in touch with me here or by email at Alessandro offers his tour for €500 euros per days (€400 euros for the readers of BorninaBoot woohoo) that is including pick-up from the hotel if needed, lunch (vegan and gluten free options too) and the entire day on the sailing boat for you and up to other 9 people. Just wrote this article and I already miss the ocean.