Where to get your Sak Yant in Thailand?

Before heading to Thailand I already knew that I strongly wanted to get a Sak Yant once there.

Thailand has been amazing and I also managed to get my Sak Yant so I'm sharing some tips for all the travelers that are  looking to get a Sak Yant as well.

Many people shared their Sak Yant experience online and these really helped me but what I was interested the most was finding a place that would change both ink and needle each time, while still being traditional.

Most of the blogs don’t really go into details about this topic, and I realized that an impressive number of people are risking an infection or even hepatitis and I was not ready to do the same.

Some hints below on the options I considered, the ones I would suggest to avoid and the one I selected for myself. 

🌿 Wat Bang Phra:

The most known place in Thailand to get a sak yant. Wat Bang Phra is a big temple, where many  monks are trained in the art of Sak Yant. Most of the bloggers I know had their experience here.

My main problem with this space is that monks don’t change the ink for each person.

This place probably offers the most traditional experience, even if recently this place is becoming so full of tourists that is loosing a bit its original magic. 

🌿 Ajarn Neng

Ajarn Neng is the sak yant master I choose.

It was very important for me the fact that he changes needle and ink each time.

The experience is still very traditional and before your Sakt Yant you have to go through the purification ceremony that is an experience itself.

Prices compared to Wat Bang Phra are a bit higher (I paid approx. 50 pounds) but if you are worried about using the same needle or ink of another person than Ajarn Neng is probably the guy you are looking for.

If you want to hear more about my Sak Yant experience read this blog post!

🌿 Ajarn Fu

Ajarn fu works with an american guy that help customers with enquiries, quotes, transportation, etc. The price is a bit on the higher side (as this is probably including a commission for this assistant) and he changes the needle for each person but not the ink.

🌿 Bangkok Ink

Bangkok Ink is one of the first results appearing online when looking for information online. Their site is also easy to browse, and they have a huge selection of designs.

I just find them being extremely overpriced, with a range going from 100 pounds until 1,500.

This is where Angelina Jolie had her Sak Yant as well. The master that tattoed her changes 1,000 pounds - probably due to his high demand and popularity.