Starting that nomadic lifestyle – how to plan it

How To start a Nomadic Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about leaving your sedentary 9 to 5 job to start travelling and working around the world with no fixed place to call home? It happened to me and I am here to share my story with you.


At one point I gave up to the routine of my life and doing so I also gave up to the safety and the stability that come with it. I decided to follow a different path, more risky but also more rewarding. No more fixed place to call home and no more full time and well paid job. I followed my passion for yoga and travels. So I left my house and my job to travel and work remotely. My goal is to help people that might be willing to do the same and still struggle to find way to make it happen. I am here to share my experience and try to answer any questions that might stop you from changing your lifestyle. Follow your passions and live your life at its full.

Is a nomadic lifestyle only for privileged people?

Yes and no. If you have a strong economical base, you have an advantage and will probably stress less. But not matter the starting point, if you want it, work for it until you get it. I know people in their early 20s that quit their regular career for a nomadic lifestyle. In my case, I could have never afforded to do so when I was that age, just 2 years after my first full time job as I didn’t have enough savings to do so. I also know of people that have been selling their house/s, car/s, furniture/s to travel full time. I do not own any of those things so this was also not an option for me.

Do not give up! Be patient!


Years have flown since the first time I become intrigued with the idea of a nomadic lifestyle and the moment I actually made it happen. It took time and patience. Once my will to follow my passion for yoga and travel and to change my lifestyle were strong enough I had to plan the next steps properly. I started savings for years, avoiding spending unnecessary money funds as much as possible. At the age of 31 I was ready. I could finally start the next chapter of my life, leave a full time job in marketing to start travelling full time and focus on my passion for yoga. A new chapter made by many questions marks and a very few safety anchors - the biggest one being my boyfriend, my partner in crime in this decision. Everybody have their own timings. The occasion might rise when you are 18 or maybe you need to wait until you are 70. It is never too late. I know it might sound a cliche but I really believe so.

Plan in advance, one step at the time


Money is always one of the biggest obstacles so let me help you to plan all the costs you might have to take in account. You might want to start planning and saving for the following:

Step 1) Where and how to store your belongings

Think about a place to store all your belongings while you are away. You might want to keep paying for the rent in the place where you live, pay for a deposit or move this to a friend’s house. I personally decided to use my parents’ house as a place to store my belongings

Step 2) Shopping list 

You might need new luggage, clothes, laptop, camera. Make a list and try to plan these expenses properly, taking good advantage of sales or similar occasion like Black Friday deals.

Step 3) Transportation Tickets

Where do you want to move? Plan your return ticket, bearing in mind that last minute bookings might be expensive. In my case I planned a return flight and saved for that before my departure.

Step 4) Plan for all the ACCOMMODATION costs while living abroad

If you move abroad take in consideration cost of visa (should you need one) and imagine the worst case scenario when you find no jobs for 3 months, so no incomes but plan for costs of food and accomodation.

Step 5) Plan for resettling back to your country

Things might not work out, or you might not like this way of living. You need a plan B, that would allow you to resettle in our hometown. That means a new house and a new job hunting.

Step 6) Emergencies

The big problem. You never know what might happen, still you need to be prepared for anything. You might break a leg, lose your luggage or damage the phone or the laptop that you were planning to use to work. I have used a travel insurance for the initial months of my trip but luckily I didn’t have the chance to test it. So you can try and think positive or if you want to insure yourself properly.

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