The Hidden Lagoon in Thailand – When the Goonies meet Indiana Jones

The Hidden Princess Lagoon

I have been thinking a lot on the best way to describe the hidden lagoon of Railey.

For me this is like one of those places that I did use to imagine when I was a child. Those times when I was adventuring through the wildlife I was always picturing the idea of suddenly find a secret passage that leads to a mysterious and enchanted place, worth of one of the best India Jones movie scenes.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The hidden lagoon is based in Railey, that is an area on the coast of Krabi. Railey is an amazing place itself, even if during the main hours it gets crowded due to the tourists visiting the beach by boat, it still offers some quiet hours during the first and the final hours of the day, a big plus for all lovers of secluded places.

From Railey East there is a path to walk to the Ao Phra Nang beach. On the right side you will have a luxury resort and on the right side a mountain.

Back in 2015 there were no signs at all to indicate that at a certain point you could actually start hiking the mountain to reach the view point or the hidden lagoon. The only clue was the presence of people that randomly would start hiking the mountain with quite a lot of confidence, climbing on trees and roots. This is how the initial hiking starts. Adventuring on the mountain with the help of lianas, trees and roots.

After approx. 20 minutes of hike you will reach the top of the mountain. This is the easy part in my opinion and not being aware of the length of the hike I thought I completed most of it already – so wrong.

Once arrived at the top you will find two indications, one heading towards the view point and one to the hidden lagoon. From this point you can reach easily the view point with an incredible panorama over the Railey coast.

The hidden lagoon is on the opposite side of the view point. This part of the hiking was personally the most challenging one. Here you will have to climb down in between two mountains and sometimes it was very hard to climb down, and the rocks were very slippery to make it all even more difficult. Luckily there were some cords to help yourself a bit and these really helped a lot.

I recently saw a YouTube video filmed in the hidden lagoon and I noticed the presence of ladders that were not there back at my time. As much as it’s a shame to ruin the naturistic and mystical side of this place, it’s good to think that these will help way more people to finalise the hike.

The entire hike offers incredible landscapes, with giant trees and palms. Especially the way down to the lagoon is incredible, I personally felt like being in a Jurassic Park movie.

At the end of the hike you face an incredible view. The lagoon is surrounded by incredibly tall walls of rocks and from the top, at the right time, the sun hits the lagoon directly and this shines in an amazing turquoise colour.

If you are lucky enough to be there with no other hikers, it will help even more and it will really feel like reaching the treasure room as in Goonies movie.