1 day in Venice



Venice is definitely my favourite city in Italy. The atmosphere there is magical. You are not only surrounded by historical buildings and places full of culture, but you also have fairy tale worth scenarios at every corner. The canals appearing at the most unexpected corner, the side streets, the water levels doors have just no comparison with any other city I have seen.

If you are touring Italy, you have to pass by Venice, even if you have only 1 day.

See my list below of the most memorable places to see, as well as some snaps I took while wandering about Venice with no direction in mind (the best way to see the city).

1) San Marco Square

Head to San Marco Square first. Here you will see many main attractions as the Sant Mark’s Clocktower, the Saint Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace.

2) Bridge of Sighs or Ponte dei Sospiri

Just at the back of the Doge’s palace you will also see the Bridge of Sighs (you just have to walk on Ponte della Paglia, that is probably the most crowded bridge in town) and on the other side, you can have an amazing view of the church of San Giorgio Maggiore on one of the small islands.

3) Bookshop Acqua Alta

If you like bookshops, you can’t miss the Bookshop Acqua Alta, literally translated as “High Water”. This bookshop become famous worldwide for its amazing position on the level of the water, but they also went one step further decorating the place in a unique way as if it was a Harry Potter bookshop or one that Lara Croft would visit. They also created a staircase of books that has become one of the most Instagrammable places in town.

4) Ponte di Rialto

In a world full of bridges, stay classic and visit the most famous one. Ponte di Rialto is difficult to be missed as in just in the center of the city, behind the commercial area.

5) Get lost in Venice

At last, there is not a place but a concept “get lost in Venice”. It might be a cliché, it’s true, but Venice is very labyrinthic (not a word) and here more than anywhere else is really worth walking with no destinations, getting amazing at the new corners, side streets, end roads and the ever-present canals.