Where to stay in Hikkaduwa

A wooden villa surrounded by fireflies

Last April I spent an entire month in Hikkaduwa, on the east coast of Sri Lanka, where I spent most of my days working remotely, practising yoga, working out at a local gym and enjoying the sea.

I stayed at a small villa that I booked through AirBnb and I strongly recommend. The owner, Buddhika and his wife are super kind people. They both lived in the UK for 5 years so they can speak a very good English. They welcomed us with fresh king coconuts and during our stay, some days they gave us fresh mangos or some tea or some ice cream – small gestures that made us feel very welcome.


Also, as soon as we arrived Buddhika drove me around to find a scooter to rent. On this note, if you should decide to stay at this place I strongly recommend to rent a bike to explore the area or to get groceries. Without a bike the place might feel a bit isolated and I would only recommend it if your only goal is to enjoy the local beach that is 10 minutes way by foot. 

One of the features of the house that I liked the most is the outdoor wooden patio that Gianni and I used to practice yoga every morning.


When you rent the place you have 7 GB of internet included. When these are over you can ask Buddhika to top up more data for you and pay for those. I initially tried to go to local coffee shops for internet and had so many bad experiences (internet being super slow, staff switching off the wifi as soon as they noticed that we were using laptop).

I am going to write you a separate article about this to help other digital nomads. So far my best suggestion for digital nomads that are staying in Hikkaduwa is to pay for your own data and work from your temporary home.


The real magic starts at night

The place is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and you can spot loads of colorful birds and parrots, cows and randomly also ferrets and monitor lizards.

But during the night it gets really special. Every time it rains expect to hear the sound of hundreds crickets and most of the time you can see many fireflies flying around – usually getting as close as your private patio.


If you should go ahead booking the same house on AirBnB please click here so that you can use a discount code for both of us to save (up to 38 euros for you and 24 for myself)