Where to swim with sea turtles in Sri Lanka


Good news!
NO WORRIES if you can’t swim! in this spot the water only gets to your knees

Swimming with sea turtles is definitely one of the best experiences to have while travelling across Sri Lanka.

These huge animals are mesmerizing to watch. Divers will most likely meet these beautiful creatures many times. It’s also very easy to meet them while snorkeling.

For all those people that do not like to go underwater or that can’t swim, I have the perfect place for you. You do not have to give up on this experience.

Sri Lanka Turtles.JPG
Sri Lanka Sea Turtles.JPG
Sri Lanka Sea Turtles.JPG

The AirBnB owner of the small villa where I stayed for a month (I strongly recommend this accommodation by the way) suggested me to visit this bay where at least 10 turtles usually swim very close to the beach. I have walked where the water only got to my knees and still I was surrounded by giant creatures swimming around me.

Just a reminder to always be respectful. There are different varieties of sea turtles in Sri Lanka, some of which could bite you. The ones that swim in this spot are pacific but still keep your distance and refrain from touching them as you might cause harm with no intention.

Sri Lanka Sea Turtles.JPG

This small bay is in Hikkaduwa, just opposite the Hikka Tranz hotel. If you do not stay at the Hikka Tranz hotel you can just access it from the Hikkaduwa beach slightly up north.

I was moving around by bike, and I used to park it close to the bridge in Hikkaduwa beach, walk down to the beach and just walk over the small concrete harbor. The bay is just opposite the hotel, so it’s very unlikely that you will miss it.


Hope you manage to find this spot, and send me a photo if you do!
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